Applied Coursework

Washington Polytech degree programs have a heavy focus on applied job skills during the freshman and sophomore school years.

Low Tuition

$5,400 per year tuition is very low for a private college offering Bachelor degrees. In addition, we have $0 fees and you can check textbooks out from our library.

Working College

Washington Polytech is an evening college, so that our students and faculty can work during the day in industry.

Industry Faculty

More than half of Washington Polytech Faculty Members are licensed professional engineers (PE) or registered engineers in training (EIT).


Feature Quantity Comment
Low Tuition  $5,400/year Very low for a private college with Bachelor Degree programs.
No Fees  $0 We have no fees.
No Book Costs  $0 Textbooks are just checked out from our library.
Monthly Courses  Monthly Take one block course at a time for your entire degree.
Monthly Starts  Monthly Start at the beginning of a month.
Monthly Tuition  Monthly Pay for one block course at a time.
Evening Degrees  All Evening college for students and faculty that have day jobs.
Small Class Sizes 16 We have very small class sizes.
Work-Teach Faculty 70% Many WA Polytech Faculty work in the industry.
Work-Study Students 60% Many WA Polytech Students work in the industry (Aug 2016).