Applied Degrees & Coursework

WEI focuses on applied job skills during the freshman and sophomore school years, so you can get a job in the industry during the day.

WEI focuses on engineering theory during the junior and senior years, so you have opportunities to grow in your career. Without a Bachelor’s degree you will have difficulty moving up past the engineering technician level in your career.

(Click Here) for our Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology Degree Flow Chart.

(Click Here) for the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree Flow Chart.

Continuing Education & Degree Minors

Many WEI students are professionals from industry, who come to take a couple continuing education classes. The mix of students and industry professionals in the classroom is ideal. The industry professionals can find talented students for hire and students can learn from the professionals.

(Click Here) for a listing of continuing education certificates and degree minor specialties.

WEI is a Working College

WEI holds classes evenings only. Most WEI students and faculty work in the industry during the day.

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Why the Wolverine Mascot?

The Wolverine was extinct in Washington State and is now making a tremendous comeback. They have traveled south from Canada and have begun to recolonize their native habitat in Washington States’s high snowy woodlands. The Wolverine is a carnivore and largest member of the Weasel family with some specimens getting up to 45 pounds. Pound-per-pound one of the most ferocious, independent, hardy, nimble, clever, and determined animals in Washington State.

Shawn Sartorius, a wildlife biologist based in Helena, Montana, for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided an excellent quote on how the Wolverine challenges itself as follows: Wolverines “are the superheroes of the animal world … when you follow the tracks of these things, you see they are not taking the easy way around; they will go straight over mountaintops, craggy peaks, the rockiest, steepest, cliffiest place; they will go right over that in the middle of winter, at night.”

The Wolverine’s impressive characteristics compliment the Washington Engineering Institute motto: “Challenge Yourself.” In short, the Wolverine challenges itself – every moment of every day.


  • * Low Tuition: $5,400/year
  • * No Extra Fees: $0
  • * Textbooks in Library: $0
  • * Evening College: Keep Your Day Job
  • * Small Class Sizes: ~16
  • Program Registration: No Quarterly Registration
  • Start at the Beginning of Any Month

Low Tuition: $5,400 per year tuition is one of the lowest Bachelor degree program tuition’s in the pacific northwest region.

Students pay for just one course at a time. That averages to $480 per month. So you can work, pay for your own tuition, and stay out of debt.

(Click Here) for more detailed information on WEI tuition.

Zero Fees:

WEI does not have fees.

Fees are included in your tuition. This keeps student budgets simple.

(Click Here) for the college catalog. See for yourself on page 8, there are no fees at WEI.

Zero Textbook Costs

WEI has a textbook library, where students check out their textbooks.

Check out your textbook at the beginning of your course. Return your textbook at the end of the course.

If you really want your own copy, just get a cheap used copy on ebay or amazon.

Industry Faculty

Most WEI Faculty Members work in the local engineering, manufacturing, or construction industry.

More than half of WEI Faculty Members are licensed professional engineers (PE) or registered engineers in training (EIT).

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