Small College – Powerful Ideas

Students take one block course at a time. Finish a block course each month and move on to the next month. One at a time, so they can keep a day job.

With monthly courses, students can start the program throughout the year. Why wait for Fall Quarter. You can start in February, if you want.

Pay for one month block course at a time. Monthly tuition allows you to work, budget, and pay as you go. Low Tuition at $5,400/year.

Washington Polytech does not have fees. We keep budgeting simple, we just roll everything into tuition.

Washington Polytech is focused on careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

No textbook costs. Just check-out your textbooks from our library. Wow, Textbooks from the college library, great idea.

Washington Polytech is an evening college. Most Polytech students work full-time during the day. A work centered college.

Washington Polytech is an evening college. Most WA POLY faculty work full-time in the industry during the day.